How do infusions and injections fit into integrative and natural medicine? The answer is they bypass digestion going directly into the system. Getting nutrients etc. into the system can be difficult during illness and pills may have limited absorption. Infusions allow for the building blocks necessary for proper functioning of each cell to get to their target destinations and minimizes the variables of mal-absorption. IV’s are a way to reach therapeutic amounts of substances that are impossible to achieve orally.  Vitamin C infusions are an example: oral amounts of vitamin C cause diarrhea near and above 10 grams /day and in a rare individual 20 grams /day–IV vitamin C can be administered in amounts greater than 20 grams per session.

An IV bottle with a green blurred backgroundInjections into the muscle are instantly into the system and bypass digestion like IV’s. B12 injections are a good example; oral B12 has a very low rate of absorption due to the many factors that can block B12 absorption. Some possible factors are altered stomach acidity, intrinsic factor binding, bile, fermentation, dysbiosis, bowel inflammation and so forth.  This vitamin is only able to be absorbed into the system via the digestion in a 6-8″ region of the lower small bowel where it joins the colon. The complexity of this important vitamin being absorbed can show how people might have lower levels over time if any of the steps to absorption are blocked or minimized.

Anthroposophic theory also views injections as a means to directly influence the rhythm system in the human being. This can help to bring harmony to difficult and challenging problems more quickly. Often times difficult conditions require a stronger approach and introducing remedies and nutrients to the organism directly essentially catalyzes the process and speeds improvements and other therapies.

There are many different types of infusions and injections. The main themes for illness are classifying different situations into temporary / acute problems and longer-term / chronic problems. The acute problems require less often administration of therapies and they are short term. Chronic problems take a longer time and a more paced approach.

There are many ways to address these conditions and stimulating the immune system, building up the nutrient base, cleaning the system, lowering acid levels (lactate and toxins), eliminating low grade infections, balancing the teeth, and clearing up chronic blockades known as foci are all important factors. This is why Suisse Neural Therapy is such a helpful therapy as it can help deal with several of the above approaches and when combined with vitamin, mineral and chelation infusions these areas can be addressed much more comprehensively.